What is KCM?

We believe KCM exists for 3 purposes.

  1. KCM exists to be the evangelistic arm of the local church on campus. We believe God has called us to obey His Great Commission in making disciples at UCSB, UCLA, USC, UCI, UCR, and UCSD. Our deep desire is that God will use KCM to lead lost college student to Christ and have these college students to become committed members of a local church.
  2. KCM exists to raise up leaders for the local church. Leaders are made when they are taught leadership principles and given opportunities to practice leadership. At most churches, college students, although taught leadership might not be given opportunities. Our deep desire at KCM is that God would use KCM to not only teach leadership principles to our student leaders, but to give them an opportunity to practice these principles so that they grow in becoming the leaders that God wants them to be.
  3. KCM exists to mobilize our Christian Community to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. The Bible says that Jesus will return when his gospel is preached to all the nations. KCM's deep desire is to expose our students to God's great missionary work and raise them up to be costly goers and senders in the name of Christ.

Simply put, the vision of KCM is "to obey the Great Commission by discipling and mobilizing Collegians". God bless you!

Rev. Richard Kim
Director of KCM

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